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The PN/CAN gateway connects CANopen® devices in a PROFINET network. At the same time, it is a full-fledged CANopen® master.

Kod produktu: 700-670-PNC01


As the master, it supports gateway network management, SYNC telegrams, and node guarding / heartbeat for monitoring the participants.
On the PROFINET network, the PN/CAN gateway is a PROFINET IO device that supports transfer rates up to 100 Mbps full duplex, and on the CAN bus up to 1 Mbps is supported.
The IO data (PDOs) of the CANopen® participants is transparently displayed in a freely configurable manner in the PROFINET network and can be processed directly in the PLC.
The PN/CAN gateway is integrated with a GSDML file in the hardware configurator and can be completely configured there. 
Other software tools for parameterization or handling blocks for programming are not required.
Parameterization of the CANopen® participants using SDO telegrams and management of emergency messages is also possible.
Device variants with CAN Layer 2 and CANopen® Slave are in development.


• PROFINET IO device as per IEC 61158-6-10
• Integrated 2-port switch
• Full duplex 100 Mbps transmission rate
• Conformance class B
• Media Redundancy Protocol (MRP)
• Up to 127 CANopen® participants
• Up to 1 Mbps CAN baud rate
• Easy configuration via GSDML file, no handling blocks or parameterization software necessary
• CANopen® master and CAN layer 2 possible
• Up to 16 PDOs per CANopen® slave
• SDO communication, emergency messages, participant monitoring with heartbeat and node guarding
• Extensive diagnostic functions 
• 3 two-color status LEDs
• USB interface for online diagnostics and firmware update
• DIN rail mounting

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